Dreaming Fantastical Stories: Szilvia Molnar

I’m going to be writing more about chapbooks here in West to West, and as a preview, I wanted to share this interview I did with Szilvia Molnar about her new release “Soft Split” from Future Tense Press. Next up? Katie Schmid’s Forget Me/Hit Me/Let Me Drink Great Quantities of Clear Evil Liquor from Split Lip Press!


Small is huge, Wells Fargo tells us with a Pleasantville main street gloss. It’s tough to admit when a cynical corporate slogan hits the mark, but I can’t think of a better way to describe Portland’s Future Tense Press and its portfolio of literary fire-starters. Run by literary community extraordinaire and Powell’s ambassador Kevin Sampsell, Future Tense has consistently published work that eviscerates everything I thought I knew about literature. Future Tense published Chloe Caldwell’s breakout Legs Get Led Astray and the immersive Excavationby Wendy C. Ortiz, And the most interesting part is, they’re doing it in bite-size form. Novellas, short memoir, and the curious chapbook.

The Future Tense chapbook may be palm-sized, but the lyric, dense prose takes over your entire world. In the last year I’ve become addicted to these small, subversive texts—they’re like vinyl for book-lovers. An old-school vibe, an air of knowing…

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