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Wordstalker Wendesday, March 25

I think I’m switching to bi-weekly, because I make the rules in this blog, dammit. Also, all posts shall include cat writing pictures. And so as it is written, so it shall be.


This is the funniest piece on online dating that I’ve ever read. “Online Dating: Messages from Dudes Are Weird” by Natalie M. Hughes, That Short Brunette With Glasses

I think I liked Frozen longer than 97% of the adult American population, so I can definitely relate to “A Song Shall Lead (And Annoy) Them” by Robert Burke Warren, The Weeklings

If there’s a story to make you download a Kindle app, this is the one: “When October is Almost Dead in the Ground” by Matt Sailor, Day One

I have been obsessed with Fiona Apple since picking up the last copy of her “When the Pawn…” CD left at the South Hill Mall Sam Goody (with a cracked jewel case that was totes symbolic), and this absolutely, perfectly distills that affection: “First Tastes & Endeavors” by Leesa Cross Smith, Real Pants

Every week needs a read that makes you shit your [real] pants, I guess… (but this was well crafted and with impeccable research, so yes) “What ISIS Really Wants” by Graeme Wood, The Atlantic

Long live the serialized novel! Dot Dannenberg has been killing with her photo flash, and the road trip saga continues with “Living the Dream” by Dot Dannenberg, 1:1000

The sordid life of classic rock with “Classic Pop Songs: Where Are They Now?” by Liza Behles, McSweeney’s

A rich, engrossing essay on the infinite subject of identity: “Wearing a Mask of Your Own Face: On Persona, Race and Identity” by Michael Schmeltzer, Brevity

Chelsea Hodson interviews Sarah Manguso, and now that I’ve met both of them on separate occasions, I can tell you that on no uncertain terms they are the two coolest people roaming the planet. “Rudiments of a Self: An Interview with Sarah Manguso” by Chelsea Hodson, Tin House


Pacific Northwest women are invited to submit to VoiceCatcher

BOMB Magazine is open for poetry and prose


There is a cool Longreads Story Mixer in Portland this Friday, 6:30 pm

Are you in Phoenix? Four Chambers Press is doing a fabulous art walk

Another AWP event I don’t want to forget to go to: AWP IRL

Fact-checked my novel with my brother and all is coming up “yeah that would work.” Way to work that criminal justice BA, and happy birthday!