Wordstalker Wednesday, March 11


I don’t like to jump the gun on the “one of the best books I’ve read in this decade, whatever it is… the tens? The twenty-teens?” card, but I could not physically tear myself away from Our Endless Numbered Days, the debut novel by Claire Fuller published by Tin House. You must read it, and then we must meet for coffee or Old Fashioneds and discuss.

I think everyone has probably tripped into the social media pit of jealousy and despair, so everyone should read “I Hate Myself Because I Don’t Work for BuzzFeed” with The Concessionist, The Awl

Speaking of sweeping pronouncements of the best things I’ve read that are now permanently branded into my heart, you cannot miss the unflinching, bloody aching mess of a heart splayed in “The Infidel Approaches Grace” by Sara Rauch, Hobart

This may not be new this week, but this family tragedy in three acts is new to me and definitely worth reading: “Who She Took With Her” by Nancy Rommelmann, LA Weekly

Speaking of Hobart! This story about a One Direction obsession free of irony is so, so, so real: “Baby They Don’t Know About Us” by Megan Kirby, Hobart

Jill Talbot’s memoir, “The Way We Weren’t,” is now up for preorder and I can’t even wait at all (but kind of have to).

Enjoyed this perspective on “women’s literature” in “Reading Books About Women Made Me a Better Man” by Ariel Chesler, PDXX Collective


Matt Sailor is guest-editing next week for SmokeLong Quarterly, so go bug him

The Normal School is [insert school in session pun]

Pithead Chapel is accepting most forms of worded pages


I’ve got to make a corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day because I am in lust with hash, but I wish I could pull double clone duty and also be at the Unchaste Reading Series on Tuesday, March 11 at 7:30

That’s all for this week–I’m falling asleep on my laptop. That lost hour will get blamed for at least another three weeks.