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Wordstalker Wednesday, March 4

In the last week I’ve taken a break from Facebook. Okay, a 90% lower amount of time break at least. It’s been good for my heart, my soul and my brain. It’s made me think about how I can be a better literary citizen without leaning on Facebook, which has become this kind of happiness-hemorrhaging suck lately. Well, why not use my blog for good instead? I’m here, it’s mine, and spreading some news is most definitely “cultivating a writerly sense of place.”

So, without further ado, I bring you the first Wordstalker Wednesday, notes from lurking around literary corners from the last week (or so).


This article on the fat-shaming threads rooted in ‘Friends’ excavated all the hurt I had from watching “fat Monica” in high school, perfectly: “The One With All the Fat Jokes, or How Fat Monica on ‘Friends’ Stuck With Me All These Years” by Megan Kirby, XOJane

You know how you stalk people online? And how those insidious hurts pile up and break bones? We don’t talk about it, do we? Well now Amanda Miska has, and you must read to understand: “The (Online) Stories We Tell” by Amanda Miska, The Rumpus

The extraordinary Katie Martin takes us on the worst possible trip to The Happiest Place on Earth in her new essay: “Checking In” by Katie Martin, Extract(s)

The MFA Teacher Dude is The Dress of Literary Twitter–some people saw a collection of good, albeit ham-handed comments on writerly academia, others saw Satan. Either way, this is the response worth reading: “An Open Letter to That Ex-MFA Creative Writing Dude” by Chuck Wendig, Terrible Minds

There may not have been as many Lady Gaga thinkpieces to come out of the Oscars as I’d hoped, but this essay on storytelling philosophies illustrated by this year’s top two polarizing best film nominees makes up for it: “Birdman vs. Boyhood: The Oscar Debate’s Classic Aesthetic Divide” by Lincoln Michel, Electric Lit

A journal publishing game-inspired lit is a great idea, but it’s work like this that transcends cool into outstanding. And just picked for the Best of the Net Anthology! “How Not to Win at Big Buck Hunter” by Georgia Bellas, Cartridge Lit


Split Lip is open for submissions, especially CNF

Hobart is open! WIDE OPEN!

Lunch Ticket’s reading period just clicked on

The aforementioned Cartridge Lit is doing a special Diverse Voices issue

Atticus Review is creating a Protest Issue, and the deadline has just been extended

You can pitch stories to BuzzFeed Ideas, and they’ve got quite a few helpful tips to set you on the right track

New Delta Review is suffering from a CNF drought


You’re registered for AWP, right? Because I plan on seeing you there…whoever you are.

I’m headed to Open Collage Night at IPRC next Wednesday, March 11. Let’s Mod Podge together forever.

Oh wait, I’m also headed to the Legion Readers “Space” Installation next Wednesday, March 11. Looks like it’s going to be a complicated evening.

Friday March 13th is Kase Johnstun’s book release party.