Sorry, Girls. I’m Done.

I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.


Take it back, universe. Take back my Icona Pop “I Love It” download. Take back the fro-yo addiction. Take back all of my Girls defenses on Twitter, on my blog, in bar conversations, the think pieces. Let me hurl them at the window like so many Glaciology textbooks.


The third season of Girls aired on Sunday night, capping off a season that gave me more cringes than reasons to cheer. Yes, I thought Hannah’s angst over her lost book deal was one of the most genuine moments of raw, uninhibited creative id represented in the entire series. The ferocity with which she obsessed over her dream wasn’t just believable, it was refreshing. The disaster didn’t magically mend itself. Hannah smacked into a wall, and reality seeped in: this “groovy lifestyle” doesn’t just happen. Even when you think it’s going to and your career will take off…

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