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Wonder Week

In the ebb and flow of writing, the good weeks aren’t constant. In fact, there are way more weeks where every editor in the universe seems to open a “Reject whatever’s sitting in your Submittable queue right now” fortune cookie, and what seem like the best lines in your head come out as clunky, tired, dead slog sentences. After living through calendar pages full of these sorts of weeks, I feel that a good week deserves mention. This week:

  1. My agent submitted my proposal and manuscript, Paper Bag: Tales of Love, Beauty and Baggage out to publishers. In New York City. So theoretically it’s on some desk in the shadow of real books by people I love, and they just might like it. It might really be a book someone else could read and love. That’s kind of amazing.
  2. I received an acceptance for an essay, which sounds way easier to come by than it is.
  3. Three nifty things came out this week involving my work.

The Snake Escape by Bob Schofield for Hobart.

The 4th Games of My Youth essay “The Snake Escape” on Hobart, which I originally pitched as a column last summer. The concept is going back to video games I used to play as a kid and weave the experience into a personal essay. This time I’m revisiting my beloved Nokia phone circa 2002 and Snake, the best app of all time. Then we get into social crutches and anxiety, which is always a riot. Bob Schofield has been creating the artwork for each piece, and I am in constant awe over the simplicity of the game material triggering the complexity of emotion that he captures. It’s one of the greatest projects I’ve ever been a part of, and I still can’t believe that I am.

Photograph by Emily Blincoe

Photograph by Emily Blincoe

I wrote a 2nd essay for 1:1000, a writing project pairing photographers and writers. The photograph that inspired “Border Road” was taken by Emily Blincoe, and reminded me of a recent trip to Bisbee, which spun into a meditation on living on the cusp of two cultures. I have to hand it to Tucson; it doesn’t seem short on material.

I’m also the first writer in the 1:1 interview series, and I got the chance to have a fabulous conversation with Dot Dannenberg about writing and Lisa Frank and Play-Doh hamburgers.

Thanks, last week of January. I needed you.


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